The simple pleasure of a cuppa

10 12 2010

We recently bought a house, and the previous owner left quite a bit of stuff behind. Much of it went to Goodwill, but some of it has stayed on and become our stuff. By far my favorite “new” item is our little teapot (and yes, it is indeed short and stout).

I’ve been an on-again/off-again tea drinker, but I have recently found a very satisfying simple pleasure in making a cup of tea for myself and the wife in our little brown teapot. And, to reinforce the message that was repeated ad infinitum during my travels in China earlier this year, the making of a satisfying tea is dependent upon steeping time. In other words, read the directions! For instance, a bag of green tea left in your cup will make the tea bitter and unpleasant. You’ll be running for honey/sugar or worse yet, pour it down the drain. But green tea, when steeped only a few minutes, is fresh and invigorating.

Better yet, get loose leaf tea–it’s fresher, bolder, and often cheaper when you factor in a serving size. It steeps more quickly and tastes more vivid.

Any way you take it, why not take a moment for you and yours to slow down, quiet down, and enjoy a cuppa tea?




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