“Something fresh”

28 04 2010

A few autumns ago, I had the wonderful pleasure of spending a week in Bolivia for a series of concerts. It was a wonderful foray into a culture (and continent!) that I had not yet experienced. One of the most abiding lessons I learned was to savor little pauses throughout the day–our host, in quaint English, would regularly ask us to sit and have “something fresh,” meaning a glass of juice or coffee. What a pleasure to take a moment, sit, enjoy the company of one’s companions, and press pause on our usual rush-rush routine.

I try to replicate this notion of “something fresh” in my daily life, though too often I fall into the very American trap of imagining that there’s not a single second to spare, and that everything must be done now. Today I took a moment, enjoyed the sunshine, noticed the blossoming trees, smelled the fresh-cut grass, sipped my tea, and breathed. Now that’s something fresh indeed! I hope to find little moments like this in every day, and to remind myself that whatever I’m rushing towards will still be there when I get there in my own sweet time.




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4 05 2010

This reminds me of the Swedish culture and wanting to adapt their ‘fika’, which is their afternoon coffee break where they take a pause from the busyness and enjoy a cup of coffee, especially with family or friends. I have often enjoyed this part of the day when I am with Pete’s family and have wanted to implement it in my own. But like you, sometimes I fall into the trap of ‘not having enough time’. Thank you for this reminder that I do have a enough time to stop and soak in the freshness!

5 05 2010

That sounds fantastic! I’ve decided to implement a half-hour break every afternoon for that very sort of thing. I should have been born in a siesta/ afternoon tea culture; since I wasn’t, I’m going to make my own! Hahaha

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