Al dente all the way!

3 03 2010

Well,, we’ve ruined ourselves for pasta… Wifey and I made our first batch of handmade pasta tonight, and oh my gracious was it good.  Easy to do, very simple recipe, and what delicious results!

Here’s the pasta machine, ready for action:

Here’s Wifey, cutting up the noodles (we decided to go rustic and hand-cut them instead of using the roller/cutters that came with the pasta machine):

Here’s the finished pile o’ noodles, ready for their trip to the hot tub:

Here’s the final product–we went with a simple pesto, made on the spot:

It was a beautiful meal–totally handmade and absolutely fresh and delicious. I think we’ve completely ruined ourselves for box pasta, but with the recipe being so easy and quick, why not go fresh?

By the way, the pasta machine we bought was an Atlas, and we got it off of eBay… there were many on there, and I would encourage anyone to invest in one; I’m confident ours will last forever, as it’s stainless steel and very very solid. The recipe we used is from our new favorite cookbook, Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything: Vegetarian.”  Great book!




3 responses

3 03 2010

yummmm!!!!! I’m so hungry! You guys are like pioneers! making everything from scratch! i miss you both and want to come over and eat your food! hahah


3 03 2010

I started Al Dente Pasta Company for people exactly like you! People who often make their own pasta, appreciate the difference between a hand-rolled fettuccine noodle and an extruded one.So, when you don’t have time to make your own, try ours. It cooks in just 3 minutes and tastes as close to what you made yourself as any pasta could. Hope that it is in a store near you.

4 05 2010

Thanks, Monique! Sounds yummy!

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